Ruger LC9s Pro: Outside Review


Originally posted by Guns & Ammo Online editors

Ruger is following up with another version of its LC9s striker-fired pistol with the introduction of the LC9s Pro.

The new Ruger LC9s Pro is virtually identical to the LC9s in appearance and function, with a few key differences. The new Pro model is offered without a thumb-operated manual safety lever or a magazine disconnect safety.

The absence of the external safety allows the shooter to engage targets during high-stress scenarios when there may not be time to deactivate a manual safety. Likewise, the removal of the magazine disconnect benefits tactical reloads and permits the user to fire with one round in the chamber and the magazine removed.

Aside from the external manual safety and magazine disconnect, the LC9s Pro incorporates the same features as the LC9s, including a striker-fired action. The LC9s Pro utilizes a similar blued alloy steel slide, glass-filled nylon grip frame and windage adjustable 3-dot sights. All LC9s holsters, magazines and accessories are compatible with the LC9s Pro.

The LC9s Pro also retains the LC9s’ dimensions and weight as well as its loaded chamber indicator, internal striker blocker and trigger safety. The Ruger LC9s Pro is available for $449 and comes in a soft case with one seven-round magazine, a magazine grip extension and a cable locking device.


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