Good to Know

August 6, 2014

Hell on Heels: Why Fashion at the Range isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

hohShannon McConathy, special to

I must start with an admission: I’ve been the judgmental woman at the range. I’ve been the woman who rolls her eyes because a pair of ladies looks like they’re biding their time before the margarita specials start at the neighboring patio bar. I’ve snubbed pink subcompact pistols because I thought I was tough with my full size Kimber. I felt like a gun range was a place where women should defy stereotypes and shooting in fashionable shoes was bringing all female shooters down. Then, I realized that there is something worse than stereotypes: statistics. Read more…




August 2, 2014

Ten Things to Keep in your Range Bag (That have Nothing to do with Guns!)

10RBOff the range I am a makeup and high heels kind of lady. I like my nails manicured, my hair curled and my accessories perfectly coordinated. Once I hit the range, though, I am a no-frills, utilitarian, form-follows-function shooter. I ditch the designer handbag for OD green canvas and get to business. Whether your gun and your gear is carefully matched in the same shade of pink or color and style is completely irrelevant to your shooting selection, take a tip from my years of asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” and save a pocket for a few things that will make any range day easier. Read More…

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