October 10, 2014

ccm-profile-cover2Stop Rape Culture…With a Gun

This post was written by Rob Morse and originally appeared on his website SlowFacts. We encourage you to check out more of his writing on guns, culture, politics and much more.

Some so called feminists on Twitter claimed that women’s self defense enables rape culture.  Rather than teaching women to defend themselves, they said we should simply teach men not to rape.  We only need to tell predators “Don’t hurt others” rather than teaching women to be aware, avoid trouble when they can, and to defend themselves when they must. Read more…

August 7, 2014

Raising Children in a World of Guns

When I was 11 or 12 years old, my family and I were out of state visiting relatives. While playing with my cousins who were about the same age, we discovered my uncle’s rifle on a rack in his room. This rifle instantly became the focus of our attention.We asked my uncle for permission to take it off the rack and were told it was safe for us to check it out because it was unloaded. Excited, we moved quickly back to the room. When I took the .22-caliber rifle off the rack, I checked the chamber to verify it was unloaded just as my father had always taught me. I quickly realized it was loaded, as a cartridge came flipping out.That memorable experience has been brought to mind many times over the years. We were young boys ranging in age from 9 to 12 and most of my cousins had never been exposed to firearms. Fortunately nobody was injured, but I believe the stage was set for a different outcome had I not been educated on firearms as a child. As I write this, two events have recently occurred in my area related to negligent discharges of firearms, one of which ended fatally. Read more…


PocketPistolsFSeven Reasons Why Pocket Pistols Might Not Be for You

Originally posted by B. Gil Horman, American Rifleman

Over the last few years, pocket-sized pistols have dominated the concealed-carry handgun market. More makes and models of these ultra-compact, lightweight defensive firearms are available than ever before. As someone who owns, shoots and packs these diminutive guns, I appreciate both their convenience for daily carry and their usefulness when larger defensive options cannot be employed. However, pocket pistols have certain limitations that new or inexperienced handgunners need to be aware of before they commit to buying one:

1. To make a pistol easier to pocket, the grip size is usually the first thing to shrink. Read more…


Why You Need to Practice the “Bill Drill” More Often

Originally posted by Jason Hanson,

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 4.12.30 PMThe “Bill Drill” created by Bill Wilson is one of the most well known handgun drills. Even so, far too many people have never done this drill before or don’t spend enough time practicing it.

This is probably because it’s such a simple drill. You aren’t shooting and moving, you aren’t shooting steel, and you’re not doing anything “super tactical.” With that being said, the Bill Drill is one of the most practical drills you can ever do that may save your life one day in a self-defense situation.

The target that you use for the drill is a standard International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) target. Only hits in the “A” zone count for this drill. The “A” zone on an IPSC target measures 6 x 11 inches. What this means is that instead of going out and buying an IPSC target you can make an “A” zone target yourself. What I do is take a regular white sheet of paper and measure 6 x 11 and then cut the target out and staple it to my cardboard backer. Read more…



Credit: Personal Defense Network

Credit: Personal Defense Network

I Can’t See My Gun Sights!

Originally posted by Grant Cunningham, Personal Defense Network

One of the most common complaints people have about their guns, particularly as they get into their 40s and beyond, is that they can’t “pick up” their gun sights as well as they used to. This is usually the opening salvo that ends with, “Can I buy something to fix this problem?”

Unfortunately it’s more complicated than just plopping the charge card on the gun store counter. Whether or not the problem has a solution — and what that solution might be — depends on the individual and to what use the gun is being put.

The Root Of The Problem

Here’s something you probably know even if you don’t want it to be true: we’re all getting older, which means our body parts are getting older too. Read more…




No Exceptions: Transporting Guns Securely



Originally posted by Doug Marcoux, “The Tactical Parent,

Recently, while watching a video of my friend Ray shooting a pistol match, my son asked how old he needed to be to learn to shoot like that. I told him we’d follow the same process we did when he began shooting rifles – in addition to continuing to demonstrate adherence to the universal safety rules, he needed to learn how to properly handle and operate the firearm he wished to shoot. Over the next couple weeks, while he and I did the groundwork of learning a handgun, I looked into the minimum age for participation in some of the upcoming matches Ray would be shooting and found a few where my son could participate. Read more…



August 2, 2014

U.S. Concealed Carry Association: Talking to Kids About Guns


Originally posted on U.S. Concealed Carry Association by Beth Alcazar


My husband and I have three children, only one of whom is old enough (at 12) to have really meaningful conversations about guns. The other two include our 4-year-old son and our 9-month-old daughter. While they are young, however, we still expose them to the basic firearms rules and constantly repeat our safety messages. The older one may sigh a little when we ask her to tell us about firearms safety in our house, but she recites—along with her little brother—the very simple but meaningful, “Every gun is real. Every gun is loaded. Don’t touch a gun if you see one. Go tell an adult.” Read more…


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