Handgun Reviews

Ruger_LCR-357Ruger LCR .357 Magnum

By Conrad Davenport

Some people love them, some people hate them.  It goes by many names: snub-nosed wheelgun, snubbie, detectives special, and on.  The short barreled, compact revolver has been around since about the beginning of the revolver.  It is a great design.  It’s compact, easy to conceal, and simple to operate, pull the trigger and repeat.  The snub-nosed revolver for how simple it is, is very diverse in its old age.  The snubbie comes in Double/Single action, Double Action Only, .357 magnum, .38 special,.22lr and on. Read more…

Walther-PPQ-M2-4-inch-2796082Walter PPQ M2

By Conrad Davenport


Last year an instructor buddy of mine excitedly called me and told me that I had to check out his new duty pistol.  So, like any other gun lover, I quickly found him and he showed me his new handgun.  I laughed, pointed and made jokes about his choice in duty pistol.  His new handgun was a Walther PPQ M2 chambered in 9mm.  I made a joke about carrying a “Space Gun”.  For the longest time, I felt that a duty weapon should be chambered in the largest caliber that a person can manage accurately.  My buddy had shot 1911s in .45 ACP in the past, and well.  I continued to mock him for carrying it for quite a while.  Then I shot one.  I immediately contacted him and retracted all previous statements. Read more…

M&P45_treaded_TRL-1Smith & Wesson M&P .45 

By Conrad Davenport

If you ask three different people what the ideal combat pistol caliber is, you will likely get three different answers. If you ask me, it’s the .45 ACP. I love the .45 for many reasons as a combat caliber, but mostly because it makes a big hole in a bad guy. Smith & Wesson has known this for a long time, and knowing this, they produced a version of their M&P pistol in this awesome caliber.

The M&P line of pistols have been in production since 2005, as a direct improvement over their Sigma line of handguns. When the M&P series was released, it was called the Smith & Wesson version of the Glock. Read more…




GuRuger_LC9s_F1-300x294ns & Ammo: Ruger LC9s- First Look

Ruger has introduced a new companion to their popular LC9 with the addition of the striker-fired LC9s.

The Ruger LC9s was designed for shooters who prefer the feel and performance of a striker-fired pistol to hammer-fired double actions. The LC9s maintains similar dimensions and is compatible with all accessories, holsters and extended 9-round magazines made for the LC9.

Ruger’s new LC9s also features a familiar blued, hardened alloy steel slide, 3.12-inch barrel and dovetailed 3-dot sights. Its black, one-piece nylon checkered grip frame also maintains traditional LC9 appearance and ergonomics. Read more…

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