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Outside Review: Savage Arms Hog Hunter

Originally posted by Greg Rodriguez, Shooting Times, Guns & Ammo Network

Though they are not one of our more glamorous game species, feral hogs are quickly becoming our most popular because they are incredibly destructive, fertile creatures. Females become sexually mature at seven months, and they’ll drop eight to 12 piglets each year until the day they die. Even by the most conservative estimates, our nation’s wild hog population has surpassed four million, and it’s growing fast. That’s bad news for farmers because the marauding porkers can lay waste to vast tracts of cropland overnight. In fact, in some parts of Texas, feral hogs have made it impossible for some farmers to earn a living. They are equally destructive in suburbia, where gluttonous pigs can turn lush golf courses and entire streets full of verdant lawns into barren moonscapes in a single night.



Credit: Guns & Ammo Magazine

Credit: Guns & Ammo Magazine

Outside Review: Mossberg MVP Patrol

Originally posted by Craig Boddington, Guns & Ammo

Well, my cop friends—active and retired, representing several different agencies—liked Mossberg’s MVP Patrol. Here’s what impressed them: It’s compact, at a bit over 35 inches overall length, just about the same as a standard AR with flash suppressor (which the MVP Patrol also has). They liked the rigid action and stiff barrel, which suggests that it should shoot (and it does). They liked the Picatinny rail mount on the receiver. And, honestly, they liked the Mossberg brand, which meant that it just might be within the budgets of their respective departments. Read more…





Credit: Tactical-Life.com

Credit: Tactical-Life.com

Outside Review: Smith & Wesson M&P15 VTAC II 5.56

Originally posted by Rich Grassi, tactical-life.com

The M&P15 line of rifles was a bit of a surprise to me when Smith & Wesson first offered them. An associate had once opined that if he had the money, he’d have purchased Smith & Wesson and begun with a line of AR-15 rifles. At the time, the field wasn’t so crowded and there was pent-up demand from the Clinton Gun Ban. Since then, anyone who has access to shop space and an instruction book can and has assembled parts. Meanwhile, S&W has delved deeply into the AR-style rifle by pulling some outside ideas in, like the Adams Arms piston system, and by making their own components, thereby using more of the expansive manufacturing space they have available. Read more…


Credit: C.R. Newlin, GUNS Magazine

Credit: C.R. Newlin, GUNS Magazine

Outside Review: Rock River LAR-8

Originally posted by Todd Burgreen, GUNS Magazine Combat 2013 Special Edition

Brothers Mark and Chuck Larson combined 40 years of experience in the firearm business to found Rock River Arms (RRA) in 1996. Their initial product focus consisted of custom 1911 pistols before they turned their attention to AR-style rifles. The attention to detail associated with creating match-grade 1911s was soon transferred over to AR production methods. RRA’s goal with the AR-style rifle is the utmost reliability combined with accuracy, thus wringing the most out of Stoner’s original design. Read more…

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